Individual Carbon Audit

Invite us into your daily way of life in order for us to share our wisdom of green knowledge with you, allow us to transform you life's journey into a more eco-aware one - saving the earth and your pocket at the same time.

We will calculate you and your family's emissions, which will include things like your emissions during your travels to work and back and your electricity usage.

You will find it so rewarding to see how you have lessened the impact on the environment with your efforts and changes in your everyday life. You will be an integral part of creating a more sustainable future.

Step 1

The individual audit will commence with us analysing your electricity consumption and litres of fuel used on a daily basis, amongst other things.

Step 2

Once your carbon audit has been ascertained we will then advise you where changes can be made in order to reduce your emissions. This is the exciting part, because ideas are shared and your imagination can run wild as to how much can be done. We start you off small, so the changes are not too drastic unless you want them to be! Anything you invest in will offer you a return on your investment in the long run and there are various ways to reduce your daily emissions that are quite simple. Some of these include recycling three-quarters of your household waste will reduce your footprint by around 1635kg Co2 per annum, or switching to solar could save you tons with the amount of electricity going up every year due to our natural resources being depleted.

Step 3

The most exciting step of all - the execution of all the pre-discussed changes, this does not need to be a once off change we may be consulted whenever you need us to discuss further changes in order to reduce the emissions even further.

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