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Living healthy and being environmentally conscientious go hand in hand!

Living healthy and being environmentally conscientious go hand in hand!
They say you are what you eat, what you put in is what you get out and every action creates a reaction.
This is an intelligent way to live as you truly think about the consequences of your actions, it must not be an actual hard-thought out mission, and it must be subtle and come from your subconscious, which it will be after a bit of practice. My mission is to inform people that they must always ask questions, don’t just give into ‘the man’ because I can tell you that you will be mis-informed, un-guided, your body and the environment will not agree.

Times are changing and people are now fighting for what they believe in, not just believe what they are told, look for instance in America at this very moment in time there are over 6000 activists or more going up against the ruthless and uncaring Monsanto. These are people who believe their rights are being taken away from them and right under their noses in the very food they eat every day they are risking their very lives by being someone else’s experiment.

It is great to see people standing up for their rights against these giant, greedy corporations. This is what life is about, and let me say no it’s not about fighting, it’s about something being very wrong and the ‘man’ at the top thinking they can just buy the public. We have a right to a healthy and happy existence and we trust the people at the top to do their job and make that possible, but we forget that trust does not equal being blind. You still need to make sure that even though we giving them the power to do what they have to with their, actually our money, that we keep a close eye on what they actually doing. This is not always possible though as they can hide many things from the public eye, BUT the truth always rears its little head.

Make it your choice and take control in your household! Walking into the everyday supermarket you are exposed to many choices of what products to buy. Everything on the shelf is there to be sold. You can automatically trust that the products you are going to purchase are good for you and your family or you can check the labels and educate yourself a little.Now this might sound like an exhausting experience - that you just do not have time for, but make the time it will be worth it. You will only have to do it a few times anyways before you have found what you are looking for and stick with it. There is tons of information on the web, so you can find out everything you need, but make sure you get the information from a reliable source.

One of my favorite sites to do grocery shopping on is www.faithfultonature.co.za . The reason why they are brilliant is because all the products they sell are not harmful to you or the environment, it saves you time for searching for products, as they have already done this for you, no queues, they get really good rates in the health market, they have great special offers and gift ideas and the best part is your little shopping experience can be carbon neutral because upon check out you can opt to plant a tree for your emissions, for delivery.

Then when it comes to buying fruit, vegetables, milk, meat etc. I use the Farm stall (Teresa and Friends) up the road from me they use local ingredients, she grows the vegetables herself and you just choose from the garden what you want with no pesticides used, only natural ingredients to warn off critters. She sells RAW milk and cheese with no hormones, and trust me the hormones and pesticides is what causes a lot of the intolerances we see today, I speak from experience. The best option is to always grow your own vegetables and fruit this is also the cheapest option and you are in control of what you put into your body and the environment. South African soil is not the best, due to bad farming practices and the over use of chemicals, so remember when you plant your own garden to use organic compost (make your own, from organic vegetable cut offs and fruit), then enrich your soil to bring back some much needed nutrients. Also please remember to buy certified organic seeds, or seedlings from an organic market or website as you do not want to be eating a genetically modified organism thinking this is great I am eating my own vegetables and it’s so healthy.
When you do your shopping in a supermarket make sure that the organic product you buy is actually organic or free range, see which certification body has certified the product, or ask how they grow the product and do some research. It is extremely expensive to certify products and in South Africa we have no law stating that you cannot label a product as organic, without it being certified, so people have free reign to do what they like. So make sure when you buying organic it is in fact organic, certified or you know how it is grown.

So live every day to the saying what you put in is what you want to get out. Wishing you a successful shopping experience in green-style. Embrace Change

Samantha Backstrom
Certified Carbon Auditor

My blog post can also be seen here : http://www.trees.co.za/living-healthy.html
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