"We believe that working ethically is very important and must be present in your work."

Humans are a clever species the highest on brain power with the adaptation of reason … what happened after the ‘great’ achievement of the industrial revolution was an extreme fast forward into our dramatic advancement of transport, which then became a spiral effect of bringing everything closer together, which equalled to more jobs, more medication and more people. Which is great in the sense of increasing our species, but if we did things right from the beginning and thought ahead knowing that fossil fuels are risky as they will run out as well as pollute, we wouldn’t have the problems we have today with high carbon emissions.

Instead of using the sun which is highly available in Africa and most parts of the world we rely on electricity which is produced from coal and this has become a major problem. Many first world countries have caught onto this and have started making provisions over the years such as using wind or solar power as well as hydro power, but it is probably too little too late. I started the business as I believed that everyone no matter where you are, young, old whatever the circumstances are, you CAN make a difference in polluting less. It starts off by YOU! You can lead by example and take the next generation into a sustainable, clean and fresh environment. Since this impacts everyone in many ways social, environmental and economic it is the biggest crisis of our time. I take this matter personally as the planet is my home, your home, and future generations to come so we need to place principles above personality’s and stop this wasteful way of living. For me it is a wonderful feeling being out in mother nature and enjoying everything she has to offer, no man made structure can provide me with such satisfaction and a feeling of utmost calm, I would like to keep it this way. I believe in whole wellness everything that you put into the earth must be sustainable, biodegradable causing little to no impact. You can achieve this easily by changing a few things in your daily living, and you will find out right here … right now on how to do that!

Samantha Backstrom - Director
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