Carbon Lodgic is an environmental consultancy company and we provide a full sustainability solution to your business or as a private user. We offer compliance as well as long-term sustainability through focus, commitment and education. Our answers lie in using good quality products or services that are highly effective.

We provide a range of systems such as converting to solar or water harvesting treatments or even purchasing your monthly eco-friendly cleaning products through us. We have a wide range of suppliers with vast knowledge and experience.

Make your mark by changing from a wasteful way of living to one you can really appreciate and reap the benefits from. Our motivation is your waste and our objective to create a more progressive, positive and sustainable life – merging human force and the environment together.

Reasons why you should conduct a Carbon Footprint:
There are various reasons as to why a company should undertake a Carbon Footprint Assessment, to name a few:
  • Saving Costs:
    A great environmental plan with a fantastic return on investment, to the company and the planet.
  • Reputation:
    Showing leadership when it comes to taking action on climate change can improve your reputation and therefore attracting new business.
  • Investors:
    Increasingly investors are searching for more environmentally responsible companies. High risks no rewards.
  • Supply Chain:
    Using third party companies you may be exposed to rising fuel costs, you can diminish this and reduce upstream emissions.
  • Physical Risk:
    Some business may face direct or indirect physical risks related to extreme weather patterns and rising sea-levels due to climate change.
  • Employees:
    Employee dissatisfaction with a company due to lack of action on climate change, may result in higher staff turnover and less productivity.
IPCC - Update 2014
02 November 2014
The Guardian :
Climate change is set to inflict "severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts" on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly, according to the most important assessment of global warming yet published.

Living healthy and being environmentally conscientious go hand in hand!
01 June 2014
They say you are what you eat, what you put in is what you get out and every action creates a reaction.

Some Facts
  • We have had some of the hottest years on record since 1998

  • Air Pollution costs South Africa about R4bn in healthcare

  • The largest numbers of poisonings and pollutants in our water systems are due to no-organic / natural cleaning products

  • An average household uses about 250 000 litres of water per year

  • Incinerating 10 000 tons of plastic creates one job. Landfilling the same amount of plastic creates six jobs, while recycling the waste creates 36 jobs!
The effects of
GLOBAL WARMING are three tiers:


Due to rapid acceleration of climate change, weather patterns are changing and complex ecosystems that have taken years to evolve are now severely threatened. Extreme heat and loss of agriculture especially in sub-Saharan Africa - the poorer nations will suffer and are suffering the most from loss of crops.



As places heat up, countries become ripe for the spread of tropical diseases. Increasing air pollution will see the rise of asthma and extreme weather such as flooding, tidal waves and hurricanes, this in turn results in thousands of people being displaced. – Environmental Refugees



Extreme weather can damage massive amounts of structural components which will result in re-building and costing thousands / millions. The rise of food prices follows as crops yield low amounts.
Changes BIG or SMALL
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Carbon Cycle
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